Recipes to make your lunch extraordinary

By Valentine Warner, in partnership with Allinson’s


The Maverick Recipes

Allinson’s bread is so versatile. What will you do with yours?

The Champion Wholemeal Pork and Shrimp Toasties 

Scandalous Seeds Croque Madame

The Champion Wholemeal Ginger French Toast with Rhubarb

Scandalous Seeds with Caramelised Apple, Plum and Almond Butter

The Ultimate Vegan Sandwich

Go Green Picnic Sandwich

Roasted Pesto Mushrooms on Toast

Avocado Toast with blue cheese, pear and pecans


Caramel, Black Pepper Crunch with Lime Cream and Raspberries

Mexican Sausage Roll with Bread Pastry

Fried Breadcrumb Migas with Spanish Vegetables and Crumbled Chorizo

Panzanella Bread Tarts

Rustic Cannellini Bean Broth with Wholemeal Bread Dumplings

Prawn Toast